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Theodian Constitucional Convencion #2 Begins!

Posted by Founder Swena of Theodia on June 11, 2011 at 4:15 PM

With the Ascending of Theodia from her Dark Age, We, the Framists of the original Constitucion of the Kyngdom, have decided that It would be a good Time for a Rewriting.  So, today, We shall begin our second Constitucional Convencion, and with its Commencement, It is probablie a good Time for Us to infrom everie One that our original Constitucion will not be available for Downloading.  Hwy?  We never finished it. 

We did ratify It, and We did have a Constitucional Convencion before, but Theodia's original Constitucion was never finished and, therefore, There are not and will never be ennie Coppies of It available; the Constitucion currentlie being written is actuallie just a soon-to-be-completed Version of the unfinished Original. However, It'd ought to be noted that a Coppie of Theodia's new Constitucion will be made available on This, our Kyngdom's nacional Website, after the Convencion is over.

Hwy have I told All of You This? Our great Countrie's Motto is Integritie, Industriousness, and Resourcefulness. It is our Dutie to have Integritie, and, so, We have released this Informacion to You.  

Thank You all for your Time.

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