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Tinnakara claimed

Posted by Founder Swena of Theodia on July 15, 2013 at 2:30 AM

After discussions of where we would be most realistically able to settle, should we ever be able to achieve that farfetched dream, we settled upon Tinnakara, a small uninhabited island in Bangaram Atoll, located in Lakshadweep, India.  It has a similar environment to what we are used to having in Florida, and we are comfortable with the nearby cultures. 

We consider Tinnakara easier to settle than Amstria (Ile Amsterdam), if harder to defend.  Firstly, it has an amenable environment; secondly, it is not protected the way Ile Amsterdam is by France; and thirdly, it is not ridiculously remote like Ile Amsterdam.  Should the government of India express concerns with our presence, we could possibly seek vassalship or some sort of a truce, especially if Theodian culture takes a turn toward India's as Min. Naropa hopes. 

Any Theodian colony on Tinnakara would be composed largely of shipping-container houses fueled by solar panels (the ones in use a couple decades from now will be notably superior to our current ones), and would seek to be as in harmony with the environment as we can manage, while pursuing infrastructural advancements. 

At any rate, any Theodian settlement outside the continental USA is unlikely to be viable for a few decades, and is even then probably not much more than a pipedream ~ but it is at least an interesting one.  Most likely, the vast majority of our lands will exist primarily on the Governcraft Minecraft server once it is online. 

I have decided to name this new province 'Karia', formed from the second half of the island's conventional name. 

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