The Republic of Theodia


About the Republic

The Republic of Theodia (local pronunciation: [θɛi.'ɜɵ.ɾi.ɜ]), commonly called Theodia, is a federal, repositocratic, technocratic republic. It is a micronation consisting of two realms, one of which governs Theodia's lands on Earth (Terria), and the other of which governs Theodia's lands in Minecraft (Mentia). Theodia's Terrian claims are located in North America and the Indian Ocean. Its capital, Lemuria, is located in Mentia.
The Republic of Theodia is classed as a sixth-world nation under the Boodlesmyth-Tallini System. On the Dresner Scale, Theodia scores a 2.8; on the revised Linden Scale, it scores a 3.8. Theodia's EPI (Economic Potential Index) score is a 1.3, and its democracy rating on the Matthew Scale is 4.9.
Theodia was founded on 2010's April 22nd, and declared its independence from the United States of America on 2010's October 22nd. Its small population have a unique culture and language, and comprise one of the few societies that don't have gender-roles.
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Quick facts

Generic facts
Date of foundation:  (2010-04-22)
Date of independence:  (2010-10-22)

Legislative branch
Mode: super-fallback
Typology: meritocratic, demarchial, hierarchial, multicameral, technocratic, & repositocratic

Executive branch
Mode: super-fallback
Ministers: Naropa

Territorial facts
Realms: Terria (Earth), Mentia (Minecraft)
Terrian provinces: Amstria, Neapolita, Nordia
Mentian provinces: none

Classification scores
Boodlesmyth-Tallini: sixth-world
Linden: 3.8 (5/5/4/1/4)
Dresner: 2.8 (2/5/3/3/1)
David: 3.0 (3/0/3/4/5)
Matthew: 4.9 (~/4.9/5/5)
EPI: 1.3 (2|1|1|~|~|1|2)