The Republic of Theodia


Welcome to the the official website of the Republic of Theodia!  We are a small, sixth-world micronation located online and throughout the world.  Our mission is to improve every aspect of life, from culture to government. 

  • Interested in knowing more about Theodia?  Browse our extensive collection of MicroWiki articles
  • Looking to contact the Republic?  Post at our forums and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  Please know that we are really only able to answer messages written in English, Spanish, and Theodian.
  • Want to join Theodia?  Head on over to immigration to apply for citizenship.  Become a part of the Theodian vision today!
  • In the mood to contribute some legislation?  Check out the official legis devel hub
  • NOTICE: Although this website is quite out of date, it should still work just fine.  Please email any serious bugs you find to [email protected]